Home Artists Sierra Blanca releases new singles “Book” and “Paint the Road”!

Sierra Blanca releases new singles “Book” and “Paint the Road”!


Indie Folk/Rock artist Sierra Blanca has released two new singles Book and Paint the Road! Both tracks are from his upcoming EP, Honorable Mention, which drops on November 10th. Book addresses the current political climate, social injustice, and the present state of our country. Paint the Road is a message about human beings in a constant state of want and desire at the expense of being content. The upcoming EP incorporates elements of gospel/soul rhythm with indie pop/folk vocals and guitar. This Nashville & El Paso-based artist has been compared to Feist, David Ramirez and Death Cab for Cutie, and he was recently featured in Spotify‘s official Fresh Folk playlist. Jethro Gaglione, aka Sierra Blanca, cites Louis Armstrong, Fleetwood Mac, and Amy Winehouse as influences on his hybrid of indie, folk, soul and pop.


Gaglione is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, who began playing music at age ten as part of his parents’ missionary team in Mexico. The family traveled extensively, often living in re-purposed school buses and using tents for “church” meetings. Gaglione learned keyboard, bass, guitar, and drums and began jamming with local bands upon moving to the United States in 2002. In 2007, he started a project called A Main Street Marvel in El Paso which scored two regionally successful releases. In 2015, he left his job as a high school physics teacher, moved to Nashville, and Sierra Blanca was born. Even in a new city with a new name, an old trace of the Mexican gospel songs he grew up playing can still be heard in the catchy choruses inside his indie/soul anthems. Sierra Blanca will release more tracks leading up to the release of Honorable Mention, and you can see him live at the EP release party on November 9th at The Cobra in Nashville.

Listen to the new singles and download Book and Paint the Road on iTunes today!


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