Home Artists Dani Robert releases debut single “Clouds”!

Dani Robert releases debut single “Clouds”!


Canadian artist Dani Robert has released the new music video for her debut single Clouds! The song has already racked up an impressive 100,000 streams on Spotify and landed on New Music Friday playlists in ten countries around the world. Produced by Kyngs, Mic Tee (AMAG/ Cash Money/ Rich Gang), and Bryan ‘BC’ Cockett, the new anthem is an upbeat track with intimate vocals, and a unique blend of piano-based pop, folk, and EDM to give it a cool summer feel. “Clouds demonstrates the challenge of speaking what’s in your heart, exploring vulnerability, the subjectivity of human connection, love, and time” Dani explains.  With visuals directed by Gord Poon and Long Truong, the video tells the story of a lifelong friendship, featuring snapshots into their lives together as toddlers, teens, and young adults, as they gradually develop feelings for one another.


Dani is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter based in Toronto, who originally hails from the farmlands of Pain Court, where she first developed what would become her own sound: a fusion of piano-based, alternative pop, and EDM.  At the age of five, she learned to play piano, and by seven, she was writing her own music with inspiration from early experiences. Songwriting has always had a central place in her life, becoming a passion that led her to become a music therapist, where she helps people express themselves through music.  “The opportunity to use my songwriting as a way to not only express myself, my thoughts, ideas, my purpose, but to do that for others is undeniably one of the greatest gifts I have been given,” she says. Dani continues to develop her craft while also performing at venues all across Canada like the Toronto Centre for the Arts and The Hard Rock Cafe.


Check out the new video and download Clouds on iTunes today!


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