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Jenna Kalista releases new single “Phoenix”!


Vocal/Pop artist Jenna Kalista has released her first single Phoenix! Teaming up with producer/engineer Allerdyce (aka Andi Inadomi), Kalista’s new single is a passionate anthem about finding the resilience to rise up again after being knocked down. Its powerful narrative is a fearless, yet earnest story that is both inspiring and reflective, set against a catchy dance beat. The song relates that as messy and challenging as life can be, there is beauty in the chaos and in the toughest circumstances. With a chorus of “You can throw your stones/Go on, give me your worst blow/I’m not gonna crumble”, her raw vocal strength is on full display, culminating in a simple yet triumphant bridge declaring; “I’m Alive”.

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Based in Los Angeles, Kalista is a trained concert singer whose electrifying vocal performances have breathed life into the works of the great masters of classical music and opera. A graduate of the USC Thornton School of Music, she has been a prominent feature of the USC Chamber Opera and numerous USC Opera productions, singing under the instruction of Maestros James Conlon and Brent McMunn. She has won awards at multiple vocal competitions, including the National Association of Teachers of Singing Competition, leading to performances at storied venues like the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, and onto several European tours. Although a relative newcomer to the pop scene, Kalista’s versatility and classical training have made her an in-demand background vocalist for artists like Philly K., Vanessa Bejine, and One Hundred Paces. Her sound has transcended classical and operatic contexts, crossing over into folk, indie, jazz, and musical theatre. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Idina Menzel, Jason Robert Brown, Neil Berg, Anna Schulze, and Bitter Blue, you can also hear her on the recent EP release After the Flood by Noam Katz and the upcoming release We Will Overcome by Charlie Kramer.

Listen to Phoenix and connect with Jenna below to learn more!


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Photo Credits:
Green background: Emery Becker
Album Artwork: Tess O’Connor