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Ballerina Black releases single off new EP “East Linus”!


Ballerina Black has released the new single Amode from their latest EP East Linus! The new EP from the L.A.-based indie-pop group is a “collection of songs (that) are a piece of an emotional landscape; a psychological destination, if you will” says lead singer Bobby Moynahan. “The songs explore a sort of sonic purgatory dealing with fear, loss of love, the terror of death and transition, and of course the energy, courage and aggression to let go and push through what lies ahead.”  The band’s sound echoes a resurgence of post-punk romantics, such as The Cure and New Order, which explodes on the new single. “Amode was a rehearsal idea that evolved with these concepts and feelings early on in the recordings of East Linus” explains Moynahan. “It’s a breaking point in the record. The song is like a comet, in the sense, that it’s velocity and intention begin with a force; perhaps a blind fury, before exhausting itself and falling to earth. Much like the times we set out, adhering to an idea or plan, then realizing along the way, that there is an easeful new direction and way of thinking about things.”

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Co-founded in 2008 by friends Moynahan (guitar/vocals) and Scott Eton (keys/guitar), they began making music out of a necessity to create. “We learned our instruments together and just kept evolving.” Moynahan recalls. “Scott liked the stuff I was coming up with, and he complimented it; sonically better than anyone else, simple.”  Grave Wave is the self-titled genre they feel most fits their new sound incorporating 80s, synth-driven landscapes, Eton juxtaposes, around Moynahan’s morose dialogues, and 3-D lyrics which evoke an almost eulogistic feel.

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After releasing their first full-length Cattle Arithmetic in 2010, the band became a favorite on local L.A. radio stations, leading to opening shows for bands like Silversun Pickups and Interpol at famed L.A. Greek Theater, and culminating in a tour of the U.K. The band continues to evolve by embellishing their ‘mope rock’ sound with expansive synths and experimental guitar effects. The band has established itself as a creative force with their newest EP, which follows a stellar series of EP releases starting in late 2012 under the division titled Injureless. Listen to the new single and connect with the band below!


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