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Kylie Odetta releases video off new EP “Undertow”!


Singer-Songwriter Kylie Odetta has released her latest EP Undertow! Currently on tour throughout the south in support of the project, she has also released the video for her latest single You Don’t Love Me off the new EP. The inspiration behind this track came from her sadness over a best friend’s heartbreak. “I wrote this last year after I got off the phone with one of my best friends.” she recalls. “Her story inspired the lyrics as well as inspiring the urge inside me to go punch the guy who broke her heart! But like all things, time heals and wounds mend and what we think was the worst thing in our life is transformed into something new and beautiful.”

Kylie - 2nd

Kylie has been called an old soul with a powerful, yet dreamy sound that draws the audience in. A pianist with a mellow but passionate voice, this indie artist incorporates her Greenville, SC roots with a hint of jazz, soul, and pop to create an organic and refreshing sound. Her new EP has a heartfelt “live music” feel while conveying elements of jazz, R&B, and pop. Kylie says she “created many of the songs sitting behind piano keys pouring out my soul, letting go, experiencing, loving, freeing myself of what was inside.” She is on a mission to share her music with others and truly connect with people through her lyrics, in hopes that the audience will “listen to that journey and put (their) own experiences to the songs.”

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Having already released previous EPs The Waiting Game in 2014, Breaking Habits in 2015, and High Dreamer in 2016, this prolific artist has already penned over two hundred songs. Her work ethic extends beyond the studio, where she has done hundreds of her own solo show across the U.S. and opened for stars like Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat, Mat Kearney, Austin Mahone and Kellie Pickler. People, everyday life, and the emotions that we all feel inspire her. “My goal is to create art that moves people deep inside their souls, brings love to light, and enhances the beauty and power of emotion” she says. “I love how lyrics and melodies can express the inner most parts of a heart and I hope we can connect through music together.

Kylie - EP

You can stream the new EP and download it on iTunes today. And be sure to snag a new Undertow t-shirt & CD just in time for summer!


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