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JAMS The Flava Child releases new video for “All I Know”!


Rap/hip-hop artist JAMS The Flava Child has released the video for his new track All I Know! Released via Earmilk, All I Know is inspired by the struggle and has a relentless energy that combines his passion for old school funk, with modern influences of Chicago hip-hop, and his own authenticity. This indie artist has been inventing sounds and pushing boundaries with live instrumentation & beats to create a unique sound on his upcoming EP The Flava Child Experience. Born in the UK, before eventually settling in Chi-town, JAMS grew up listening to P-Funk records and the greats like James Brown and Curtis Mayfield. Funk influences permeate his writing and combine with multi-layered hooks and gritty raw beats to establish his signature, unique sound.


The Flava Child Experience is his most prolific work to date, and finds inspiration from the most trying years of his life.  Produced by Nedo Melkic, he and JAMS began working together after JAMS left college and eventually they moved in together to carefully develop and fuse the sounds that became The Flava Child Experience. JAMS explains the music as a “step back perspective” on his experiences in Chicago, during a challenging period where he worked three jobs at once, fell in and out of love, and lost his best friend to a drug overdose. “The album is my reflection on the sacrifices of life, spending time alone and never giving up, even though everyone around you thinks you’re crazy.” confesses JAMS. “When you’re on the path to greatness, God is gonna test you and throw the devil in your way just to make sure you’re ready to take everything you’re asking for.” The new EP uses powerful poetic lyrics, strong beats and live instrumentation in a creative process where he and Melkic “tak(e) it upon ourselves to push the boundaries of music.”  Pushing boundaries on this project even involved working with street performers straight off the Magnificent Mile in Chicago in his home studio to experiment with different sounds.


Having played sold out shows with artists such as Big Sean, Rich the Kid and Machine Gun Kelly, JAMS‘ fanbase around the country continues to grow. With more shows upcoming in 2017, he plans to take the album to the masses and continue the next chapter in his prolific musical journey. Check out the new video for All I Know and connect with JAMS to learn more!


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