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Royaljag releases new single “Tea”!


Socal indie band Royaljag has released their brand new single Tea! Their sophomore track is an eagerly awaited follow up to their first single Jungle, and both tracks will be featured on their debut EP this summer. As the architects of Chameleon Pop (their self-created genre), the band liberates themselves to create any music their listeners can handle. The trio is comprised of twins J. and Roland Garcia, and longtime best friend, David Ajoku. Growing up in San Bernadino, their early musical influences were whatever music their parents played. “We all met in middle school, but started playing music in high school” says J. “David’s uncle had this vintage keyboard, and he would always come over to play it, since he didn’t own one himself. Pat and I used to hang out at our godfather’s house to play video games and just kick it”.  Heavily influenced by greats like Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, Prince, ABBA, and Michael Jackson, the friends finally got their chance to create their own music when “one day (our godfather) brought out his guitars, taught us three chords to an Avril Lavigne song, and have been hooked since then” J recalls. “In high school we always fantasized about being in a band together. We had one acoustic guitar and I remember taking “promo” shots for MySpace for our band Oh Dakotah. We didn’t have any gear, music, just awesome pics for our profile page. We felt so cool. It was awesome.”

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The band’s first two singles are a total group creative process, helping them produce synthesized hooks, infectious melodies, and unified harmonies.  “We write music in complete collaboration” J notes.  “Lately, we have been writing parts of a song independently, and showing each other whenever we can.  From there, we’ll jam to it until we find something that works! We try our best to put all of our hands on it. It’s always exciting to do it this way.  Most of our songs have a pretty straight forward feeling or emotion, but we always love how listeners relate to it differently. It’s amazing to know our music is being listened to, that thoroughly. Music is powerful, we believe in it so much.” Their debut track Jungle is about “living in our hometown of San Bernardino, but being able to grow out of/from it. San Bernardino has been going through many things lately, but we will be always grateful, that it’s where we came from.” Tea is “a song simply about infatuation from afar; at a Boba Tea house” J explains with a laugh. “It can be as deep as Jungle but straight to the point like Tea. These are actually perfect examples streaming from our song writing spectrum.”


While working on their new EP, the band is also working on a video series for their YouTube channel. “It will debut stripped-down versions of our songs from our forthcoming record” J explains. “We will also be writing a whole lot, and heading back into the studio. We’re just trying to keep it going. It’s exciting to know that more material is coming, so sit tight!” You don’t have to wait until the summer to check out the band though, as they are playing at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa this Friday, May 26th with Parade of Lights and Bird & the War. And on Saturday the 27th, they’re hitting up Sofar Sounds (shh secret location) in Newport Beach.  Get your tickets now for the The Wayfarer show and inquire here for Sofar tickets!



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