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Alpha Six Romeo releases debut album “Flint Loves Silver”!


Alpha Six Romeo is a new Indie/New Wave quartet from San Francisco that reflects the collective influences of The Killers, Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, as well as the greats of 80s Brit Pop. Comprised of Dennis Bestafka (vocals and guitar), Brandon Laws (drums), Tarabud (keyboards), and Glory Dole (bass), the band made their debut at the venerable Bottom of the Hill club in San Fran. Their new album, Flint Loves Silver, welds powerful vocals with buoyant guitars, lush synths, fiery drums and driving bass to make it a must-have for your playlist.


Front man Bestafka served our country as an Army paratrooper in Iraq during the 2003 war.  He drew on his experience there for the band’s name, which comes from a radio call sign he used daily over the company radio.  The Minnesota native had played guitar with local groups for a decade, before embarking on this new project, where he can now create music from his favorite influences with close friends.  Having been the lead singer for the dream-pop group Sentinel, the Medellin, Colombia-native Tarabud was a natural fit for Alpha Six Romeo.  “Alpha Six Romeo was a spring board for Dennis to front a band again, with a fresh electronic sound and songs that he had been writing.” says Tarabud.  “He has always been a singer/songwriter.  The past decade with Sentinel was an outlet for him to focus on his guitar craft.”  He then reunited with touring drummer and longtime friend Laws (a native of Long Beach), and Gainesville, FL native Dole for the collab to give the band it’s new, distinct style. Sentinel is a familiar name to WorldArts fans, as they were a Spotlight Artist of the Month in 2016.


For their first EP, Bestafka drew inspiration from New Wave & Brit Pop greats, as well as the sappy balladeers of the 80’s. “Everything from Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Ocean Blue, Echo & the Bunneymen, The Outfield and Icehouse.  80’s music has always been a well of feeling, emotion, innovation and inspirational songwriting for Dennis” notes Tarabud.  “Though the band name has a deeper meaning, Dennis feels reborn in a blanket of joy through writing, recording and playing live with his best friends.”

Currently the band is on a national college radio campaign through Planetary Group, and is planning a summer & fall tour to support the new album, largely based on where they receive their best radio response.  Tracks like Want it Back, Heaven Knows, and Storm of Angry, are now fixtures on the top 30 charts of college radio nationally, while also getting spins on Canadian radio airwaves.  Connect with the band below to find out when they’re hitting up your town.  Download the new album here!


Alpha Six Romeo

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