Home Artists The Band CAMINO releases new single “Who Says We’re Through”!

The Band CAMINO releases new single “Who Says We’re Through”!


The Band CAMINO has released their brand new single Who Says We’re Through!  This new track is the first single from their upcoming EP, Heaven, which will be released on June 2nd. Originally hailing from Memphis, this indie rock group has been a frequent WorldArts Opportunity winner with their polished pop-alt rock sound.  They’ve been selected winners of our PauseandPlay feature, played on the Stephen and Anne Show in the UK, and have been selected for airplay on the upcoming Doug Coleman Show in May.


The band builds on their accomplishments with the new EP by taking their sound to a slightly new place with this single release. “While it carries a lot of similar ideas from our first EP, this song definitely took a step in a new direction which is really why we chose this one for the single.” the band says. “Although it’s a little more commercial, we kind of wrote it to be sarcastic. It’s just a tongue and cheek tune about being in a relationship that isn’t working but not really being able to admit that it’s over, and the music video really embodies that idea.”

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The band began as a collaboration between Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Graham Rowell, and Andrew Isbell after they met at the University of Memphis.  You can read more about the band in our exclusive Q&A we did with them as our Spotlight winner back in January.  The new single is now available for download on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.  Listen to the single on SoundCloud here.  Check out the new video and connect with the band for all their latest updates!



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