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ZØYA releases new EP “Veracious Heart”!


Indie recording artist ZØYA has released her new debut EP Veracious Heart!  The new EP features the single I Still Believe, a self-empowerment anthem that is the theme of her new #IStillBelieve campaign. Her new EP seeks to encourage and inspire listeners through her own life struggles, and find healing with each other and through a higher power. Her soul shines through her work, which is evident on I Still Believe, an uplifting song that highlights the importance of steadfastness of faith, and to “still believe” despite any circumstances.

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ZØYA’s journey as an artist began in Pinsk, Belarus, before she and her family immigrated to Columbus, OH in her youth. She started writing songs and poems at age of 6, before training at the Columbus International Children’s Choir Academy. She recorded (and self-produced) her first worship music album Shalom as a teen at her local church and by age 15, she had recorded and self-produced a second worship music album titled Gratitude at the Columbus Musicol Studio. These two albums featured her own unique versions of classic Russian Christian worship songs. As a songwriter & composer, ZØYA has over 40 songs under her belt, in addition to managing her performances and shows all around the United States, Canada and Belarus. She recorded two original singles No Need to Worry and God is God in one week at Studio Nerv-Records in Minsk, Belarus, which were released on all music platforms in 2014. No Need to Worry received mass airplay in Russia, and God is God took over Russian Christian social & mass media upon its release.


ZØYA is also passionate and outspoken about social issues such as immigration, education, poverty and children. She is involved with non-profits like the Fight For Children Foundation, the Bonner Scholars Program and the City of Athens, WV. She received her degree in Political Science from George Washington University and has also interned at the U.S. House of Representatives for the Speaker of the House. Her charity work and music have combined to ensure she lives out her goal to “share the good news, create music for people who are in need of encouragement, and spread the message of love, hope and self-empowerment.”


The Veracious Heart tour is planned for this summer & fall with shows in Los Angeles, so connect with ZØYA to learn more. Listen to I Still Believe on Spotify and download the new EP on all services here!



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