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The Revies release their new EP “Heartwoken”!


The Revies have released their brand new EP “Heartwoken”! This Los Angeles-based rock group has taken quite a journey since they formed in Monterrey, Mexico in 2007.  One that started when founders Etienne and Carlos Rosas were listening to The Beatles on their Walkmans and watching “Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!” at 10 years old.  “We were intrinsically drawn not just to the sound of rock ‘n’ roll, but the energy behind it.  There are pictures of us as toddlers with toy guitars and mics jumping around like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.  By the time we hit high school, we saw the typical crappy high school band play at an event, and thought to ourselves, “we could be that crappy high school band” says Etienne.  “Once that seed had been planted, it was like Inception, and the idea just grew bigger and more intense every year, to our parents’ dismay: from us buying cheap equipment (our first mic was propped up on an old fan stand), to playing house parties in Monterrey, and eventually recording in professional studios and playing bigger venues and festivals in both US and Mexico.”

The Revies

Their new EP “Heartwoken” captures what life is like as an aspiring artist in L.A.  “The challenges all the band members have undergone in coming to this daunting and amazing place were not only financial, but pretty emotional” says Etienne.  “We moved on from our respective previous environments, leaving people and experiences behind to begin something new and exciting.  That all factored into what we were writing: some songs are a bit more aggressive and cathartic, and others are more melancholic but hopeful.”  The production and recording process took place in Monterrey, MX with their longstanding producer, Rodrigo “Bucho” Montfort (at Igloo Studio).  “The US-Mexico dichotomy, supercharged in our current social setting, also factored into the more volatile emotions in the EP.  Over several months and a couple of trips back home, we had time to really polish and mold the songs into this final result, which we turned out very satisfied with” notes Etienne.


The Revies will be at SXSW to promote the new EP, before returning to L.A. to have a full-on release show at the Whisky a Go Go on March 31st.  The band will have a full slate of gigs before hitting the studio after the summer to for their next project, so come out and see them at the Whiskey on the 31st (did we mention free swag at the show for fans?).  Get your tickets now and download “Heartwoken” on iTunes today!


The Revies

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