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Julia Carlucci releases new single & video “Take Me Down”!


Julia Carlucci is a Toronto-based, multi-talented artist ready to make a big wave in the music industry.  Influenced by the likes of Allen Stone, Alicia Keys and Beyoncé, Julia is known for her powerhouse vocals, emotional delivery and electrifying presence. A veteran of the stage, her magnetic personality and dynamic voice haven’t gone unnoticed.  “Julia has tremendous range and power, dramatically and emotionally, as a singer and as a writer. Technique & skill, yep; charismatic, passionate, yep; unlimited performance potential; without a doubt.” said Rik Emmett of Triumph in regards to her talent.

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Appearing regularly alongside some of Canada’s pre-eminent musicians, Julia has performed across North America with various groups and as a solo artist.  Her debut EP, “For Me“, has captured a genuine reflection of her artistry.  “The songs on this EP mean so much to me because this is the first time I’m putting out an original body of work.  All I want is that connection; for people to feel something when they hear it and for them to want to pass that feeling on.  This has always been and will always be my primary goal with creating music.  The process of making this EP has been an incredible experience and I’m so excited to finally share it”.  Julia has come a long way since getting the music bug as a child.  “When I was 7 years old, I was obsessed with the piano.  A few of my friends played and I practically begged my parents to put me in lessons.  I studied classical piano for many years and started taking vocal lessons at age 12.  I guess you can say the rest is history”.

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Now, she has released her highly anticipated debut single “Take Me Down“, accompanied by the official music video (directed by Merik Williams, produced by Cat Lewis and Andrew Kesler). “Take Me Down” is a pop/soul track with a bit of a retro vibe, inspired by artists like Adele and Amy Winehouse.  “I’d say it’s about falling for someone you know you shouldn’t.  That moment you realize you’ve fallen deeper than you intended and say to yourself “uh oh, I’m in love” she says.  “(I) always imagined this song with a strong sound and upbeat vibe, so the production needed to be just right.  It needed to have that throwback feel but still punch like a contemporary pop record and I think we definitely achieved that.”  What’s next for her? “(I’m) Writing! Always writing.  Maybe you’ll have the next Julia Carlucci release this summer”.  Julia’s PR is handled by the awesome Project Light Agency and she is currently booking 2017, with plans to play Los Angeles, and to make her debut across the pond in the U.K. Connect with her to learn more and download “Take Me Down” on iTunes now!


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