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WorldArts Featured Artist: Trubdr. Adam Road


Troubadour Adam Road is a Tel Aviv-based musician whose music channels the harmonic and rhythmic sounds of flamenco-style guitar with a mix of indie, folk, rock and grunge music.  This Denver native started writing and playing music from the first moment he picked up a pen, and continued on as a teenager when he moved to Israel to continue his musical passion.  After leaving the Israeli army, Adam moved to New York City where he started his music career as one of the founding members of the band City of the Sun.  In 2014, he decided to leave the band and moved back to Israel to establish his solo career.  After a performance in Brooklyn one night, a man came up to him and said, “Thank you Troubadour”.  The name stuck and so Adam became Trubdr. Adam Road.

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Within days of beginning his solo career, Trubdr. Adam Road signed a recording deal and released his debut album, “Exile From the City”.  The featured song, “If God Don’t Follow Me” (ft. Brooklyn-based vocalist Danielle Parente) got quick placement on shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf and WB’s “The Originals”.  “If God Don’t Follow Me” has garnered close to a million plays and made the Galgalatz playlist, the most esteemed radio playlist in Israel.  Though an independent artist, Trubdr. Adam Road performs concerts with a powerful live band called, The Lonely Soul Collective consisting of Sam Mendel, Cara ‘Rose’ Lauzon, Cheo Stein, and Eran “Big Red” Elimelech.

Currently, he and the band are performing around Tel Aviv as they gear up to release their single, “Polle“, which is inspired by Nirvana’s “Polly”.  It’s an important song to Adam, who believes it perfectly encapsulates his debut album title.  This summer, Trubdr. Adam Road & The Lonely Soul Collective tee up for a North American tour and will be playing at the Live at Heart Festival in Sweden running from August 30th to September 2nd.  Additional European dates will be announced soon so be sure to connect with him below!


Trubdr. Adam Road

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