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Palm Honey is a Reading/London-based band harboring a love for the left-field, the avant-garde, and the expressionistic.  Comprised of Joseph Mumford, Harrison Clark, Sebastian Bowden, and Ayden Spiller, the band was founded in 2014 and channels experimental and pop music influences into dense, otherworldly, and transformative songs.  Their debut EP “Tucked Into the Electronic Wave” was released in January and is an extraterrestrial art-rock supernova, with tinges of krautrock, electronica, shoegaze, post-punk, psychedelia, and even a little jazz.  It’s the sound of a band making a strong statement of intent that’s hypnotic, melodic and chaotic.  The EP also strikes an introspective theme as frontman Joseph Mumford sings about his neurosis, and the discomfort that comes with being a young adult in a demanding world.

The band says, “the four songs on (the EP) are perhaps not the culmination of the last two years – that would mean a pretty shoddy work ethic on our behalf.  But they are certainly an encompassing snapshot of two years of rehearsals, jams, gigs, and very late nights.  Two years of arguments, fights, and questionable states of mental health.  Two years of friendship, love, and everything that comes with it.  It may only be a small thing, but it marks a creative milestone for us, and we’re incredibly proud of it.  Not being able to share it with the world from the morning we left the studio has been a near impossible and frustrating task.”

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It opens with “Palace“, the first track that Palm Honey ever wrote together, which caused a stir when they uploaded an unfinished demo version to their Soundcloud page in 2014.  Now it’s a fully fleshed out piece of propulsive groove and euphoric psych-rock, featuring wailing saxophones and a warped guitar.  Next up is “Stick the Knife In“, the first single which is dark and kraut-rock indebted with a motorik pulse that propels quivering synthesisers and distortion into the stratosphere. “Going Normal” bats third and induces a dreamlike trance, snaking through a reverb drenched soundscape brimming with Eno-esque loops, harmonies and acoustic guitar.  Bringing the EP to a close is the epic “I Can Try“, an opus born out of a last minute jam session that took place just weeks before the recording sessions began, and stands as their most ambitious track to date.

The band is currently on a UK tour with Sundara Karma which will wrap up in London on February 24th, before the band continues on to more gigs well into the summer.  In between shows, the band is currently in the studio working on their next single so stay tuned. Check out their February dates below and visit their site for more show dates.  You can get your tickets for the tour on LiveNation and “Tucked into the Electric Wave” is ready for download on iTunes and also available on vinyl.

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Palm Honey

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Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud