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WorldArts November Featured Artist: Royaljag


The San Bernardino band, Royaljag has been making waves around Los Angeles since their beginning in 2015. You may have previously known the band as Seaside Audio, but as of April 2015 the band decided the name no longer fit their writing style and rebranded themselves as Royaljag. At the time the band consisted of twins, Jay and Roland Garcia (vocals/guitar and bass), and David Ajoku (keys). Jay and Roland grew up with David sharing a love for Michael Jackson inspiring their collaborative writing process. Shortly after, the band accepted their new identity as Royaljag!

29933353314_5dd37c70f3_oTheir debut single, “Jungle” was released  in 2015 was the band’s way of establishing their Southern California indie rock sound. Royaljag however, more specifically considers their genre of music chameleon pop, a self generated genre, implying their music can appeal to any listener.

29930939633_ab84919b5b_oLast week Royaljag opened for Arms Akimbo‘s ‘Miscommunication‘ Single Release Party at the WorldArts space showcasing their psychedelic indie rock vibe that resembles Tycho’s dreamy melodies with a twist of Tame Impala’s psychedelic rock and roll vibe. Check out their socials below and stay tuned for new updates from them.



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