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10 ways you finish off your year Right [Kosha Dillz]

10 ways you finish of your year Right [Kosha Dillz]

As 2015 wraps up and reflect, remember the year isn’t over for a few more days. Make your last memories of this year the best. Indie rapper Kosha Dillz compiled a list of what he believes to be the best way to end your year with a bang, and start your next year with a spark.

“In the times of frequent inspirational social media posts, I figured it’d be to come up with some great suggestions for you to finish off your year. None of it includes selling. None of it includes being annoying. All of it includes dedication to being great. 

  1. Do not say. This year was tough.  2016 is my year. Finish off this year strong first. Take Jan 2nd off and then talk about 2016.  Make sure you pay attention to the last days.
  2. Thank all the people who were important to you  and even those who were not. I saw myself getting mad at people but by thanking them it gives them a sense of importance and doesn’t create any bad blood.
  3. Keep giving your people content through posting. You can slow down or you can share your awesomeness. I made this jewish christmas carol video. It suits my fans and they enjoyed it. Why not give ? Watch it here.
  4. Make sure you call your family (or closest old friends) no matter how awkward it is. You will appreciate them because even if they are not in your life so much, some people have absolutely no one.
  5. The gym is so welcoming this time of year. GP! you will really have a head start above all the people who wait till January 1st and 2nd.
  6. Use this time to record music while everyone else is not working. Business will pick up after Jan 4th, so be big in giving new content to your old fans and childhood friends who pop up on Facebook. Record snaps and twitpics for engaging.
  7. Meditate , even if you don’t know how! think reflecting on the day or the week or year and envisioning your future with silence in between it all is very powerful.  Put on some Odesza and zen out, or maybe some music from Agape.
  8. Get a white board. Don’t wait till next year to write on it. There is still time to make some goals happen. Don’t be so happy to celebrate when you most likely haven’t hit your financial goals or creative goals. Can you squeeze in extra writing? This will be the last time you have to do it in 2015. Write on it even if you don’t know what you are gonna write. Eventually you can write your goals.
  9. Buy music or art  from some other artists. There is always a time to support others. Maybe you are a closet hater like me? Whenever I realize I do this, it is time to support others and purchase somethings from people or independent owners. The wealth you gain is much more than the money you spend.
  10. Throw your old stuff out and / or give it away  – Some of the most time consuming stuff in my life includes looking for things, all which is a direct result me not having my stuff in order, too much clutter, and acquiring so much gear and clothing from over the years. In a fun sense I love these items, but simplifying my life with less is the best way to have more.”

Take advantage of the next few days to better yourself, your music, and your new year.

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