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10 Ways to Get Your Music Heard

10 Ways to Get Your Music Heard

The following guest post comes from Paul Loeb, founder of music promotion service DropTrack.

Make sure your music doesn’t end up annoying the heck out of producers, DJs, and people responsible for emptying the SPAM folder.

1. Send Promos Not Facepalms:

When you send your promo make sure it is attractively packaged, even if that just means giving it a sensible filename… and not ‘davesamazinglycooltrack006.mp3’. Ideally, you’ll send it branded with your logo, and any marketing material you might have. Also, avoid spam traps and stop clogging up inboxes with MP3 attachments and sketchy Zippyshare or Mediafire links!

2. To Infinity And Beyond:

If your promo is lucky enough to stand out and be seen…and maybe even heard, then don’t waste this golden opportunity. Go above and beyond. You should enclose a press release, artwork and make sure the track is easily shareable.

3. The Postman Always Knocks Twice:

When you send your unsigned tracks to record label A&R contacts make sure you keep track of who you’ve sent to. Perseverance is essential but blindly sending the same track with the exact same message time and time again is bordering on harassment!

4. Radio GAGA:

There is more than one way to get your music heard. Get it out there and send it to radio!


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