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10 Tools That Will Make Your Life As An Artist Easier


In today’s day being an independent artist can be exhilarating yet overwhelming. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with independance. Fortunate enough, there’s a plethora of tools, apps, and ideas to help artists. For everything from merchandise, to fan interaction, here are some of MusicThinkTanks favorite ones below!

“#1 – Artist Growth 

What: Artist Growth is a backend software that helps you organize all your tour info, finances,  and calendar as an artist or manager. This tool truly streamlines your life and there is a place to keep track of everything.  The app brings it to mobile seamlessly.
Why: Worry less about forgetting the millions of details you need to oversee as an artist, manager, or tour manager and put them all in an organized place. Invite your band or team in to the app and ensure everyone is on the same page. What’s not to love?

Link: https://artistgrowth.com

#4 – Show.co

What: Beautifully designed direct marketing tools made with artists in mind. Their tool box boasts an email for a download, or social unlocks among others. Truly useful tools that are easy to plug in to your website and social media.
Why: Because data capture is truly important and if you are going to giveaway content you should ask for something in return! And why not ask with a sleek Show.co widget? Check out Ghost’s active campaign.

Link: http://www.show.co/

#8 – Bandsquare

What: An artist touring tool that helps you see real time data about ticket buyers, locations, and allows fans to ‘request’ tour dates in their markets so artists/managers can assess if there is an overwhelming demand in a market that is not listed on their tour dates.
Why: Data is king and Bandsquare’s dashboard provides you with oodles of it! Start mapping out smart tours!
Link: https://www.bandsquare.com/

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